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Loreal Hair Color Charts and Swatches

Below are all the Loreal hair color charts from our color swatch database. Click an a thumbnail to view more delails of any particular shade or click on the search button at the bottom of our page to search our entire hair color database

Loreal Recital Hair Colors

Loreal Recital blackLoreal Recital deep golden brownLoreal Recital golden mahogany brownLoreal Recital brasilia dark brownLoreal Recital dark red ultra violetLoreal Recital natural dark brownLoreal Recital intense redLoreal Recital deep mahogany redLoreal Recital natural brownLoreal Recital frosted chestnutLoreal Recital mahogany chestnutLoreal Recital deep mahogany brownLoreal Recital chestnut brownLoreal Recital light pearl brownLoreal Recital natural light brownLoreal Recital golden mahogany light brownLoreal Recital red mahogany brownLoreal Recital light beige brownLoreal Recital honey blondeLoreal Recital soft golden blondeLoreal Recital lightest brownLoreal Recital lightest pearl blondeLoreal Recital natural golden blondeLoreal Recital light ash blondeLoreal Recital natural blondeLoreal Recital natural mid blondeLoreal Recital light beige blondeLoreal Recital light golden blondeLoreal Recital lightest natural blondeLoreal Recital lightest ash blondeLoreal Recital lightest blonde

Loreal Excellence creme Hair Colors

Loreal Excellence creme natural brownLoreal Excellence creme natural darkest brownLoreal Excellence creme natural dark brownLoreal Excellence creme dark caramel brownLoreal Excellence creme dark frosted brownLoreal Excellence creme dark golden brownLoreal Excellence creme rich auburnLoreal Excellence creme mahogany brownLoreal Excellence creme natural light brownLoreal Excellence creme golden brownLoreal Excellence creme natural dark blondeLoreal Excellence creme light golden brownLoreal Excellence creme light amber brownLoreal Excellence creme light frosted brownLoreal Excellence creme light copper mahoganyLoreal Excellence creme dark golden blondeLoreal Excellence creme dark caramel blondeLoreal Excellence creme ash blondeLoreal Excellence creme light ash blondeLoreal Excellence creme natural blondeLoreal Excellence creme natural baby blondeLoreal Excellence creme lightest ash blondeLoreal Excellence creme light golden blondeLoreal Excellence creme frosted blondeLoreal Excellence creme light natural blondeLoreal Excellence creme lightest pearl blondeLoreal Excellence creme lightest natural blonde

Loreal Excell 10 Hair Colors

Loreal Excell 10 deep blackLoreal Excell 10 spiced chocolateLoreal Excell 10 natural dark brownLoreal Excell 10 brown blackLoreal Excell 10 natural brownLoreal Excell 10 auburnLoreal Excell 10 dark golden brownLoreal Excell 10 chocolate cherryLoreal Excell 10 deep mahogany brownLoreal Excell 10 hazlenutLoreal Excell 10 mochaLoreal Excell 10 chocolate brownLoreal Excell 10 golden brownLoreal Excell 10 light amber brownLoreal Excell 10 natural dark blondeLoreal Excell 10 dark frosted blondeLoreal Excell 10 natural light brownLoreal Excell 10 light frosted blondeLoreal Excell 10 golden blondeLoreal Excell 10 lightest blondeLoreal Excell 10 light blondeLoreal Excell 10 baby blondeLoreal Excell 10 lightest frosted blonde

Loreal Sublime mousse Hair Colors

Loreal Sublime mousse pure dark brownLoreal Sublime mousse passionate mahoganyLoreal Sublime mousse black cherryLoreal Sublime mousse deep captivating mahoganyLoreal Sublime mousse pure darkest brownLoreal Sublime mousse sensual blackLoreal Sublime mousse delicate iced chocolateLoreal Sublime mousse luscious hot chocolateLoreal Sublime mousse intense hot brownLoreal Sublime mousse flaming copperLoreal Sublime mousse delicious light brownLoreal Sublime mousse pure brownLoreal Sublime mousse radiant golden brownLoreal Sublime mousse pure light brownLoreal Sublime mousse pure dark blondeLoreal Sublime mousse radiant golden blondeLoreal Sublime mousse pure blondeLoreal Sublime mousse pure very light blondeLoreal Sublime mousse exquisite light beige blondeLoreal Sublime mousse pure light blonde

Loreal Casting creme gloss Hair Colors

Loreal Casting creme gloss blackcurrantLoreal Casting creme gloss black cherryLoreal Casting creme gloss ruby blackLoreal Casting creme gloss liquoriceLoreal Casting creme gloss rich honeyLoreal Casting creme gloss iced cocoaLoreal Casting creme gloss iced truffleLoreal Casting creme gloss chocolate truffleLoreal Casting creme gloss ebony blackLoreal Casting creme gloss dark chocolateLoreal Casting creme gloss terracottaLoreal Casting creme gloss medium brownLoreal Casting creme gloss rich espressoLoreal Casting creme gloss chocolate brownieLoreal Casting creme gloss chestnut honeyLoreal Casting creme gloss mahogonyLoreal Casting creme gloss pralineLoreal Casting creme gloss chocolateLoreal Casting creme gloss darkest brownLoreal Casting creme gloss dark brownLoreal Casting creme gloss plumLoreal Casting creme gloss iced mochaLoreal Casting creme gloss berry redLoreal Casting creme gloss light brownLoreal Casting creme gloss sweet honeyLoreal Casting creme gloss cafe latteLoreal Casting creme gloss iced latteLoreal Casting creme gloss caramelLoreal Casting creme gloss golden honeyLoreal Casting creme gloss satin blondeLoreal Casting creme gloss iced chocolateLoreal Casting creme gloss amberLoreal Casting creme gloss pearl blondeLoreal Casting creme gloss iced blondeLoreal Casting creme gloss light iced blondeLoreal Casting creme gloss light frosted blondeLoreal Casting creme gloss radiant blonde

Loreal Feria Hair Colors

Loreal Feria blackest blackLoreal Feria starry nightLoreal Feria mystic blackLoreal Feria plum powerLoreal Feria pure amberLoreal Feria french roastLoreal Feria espressoLoreal Feria pure purple powerLoreal Feria scarlet powerLoreal Feria pure spice powerLoreal Feria chestnut flash brownLoreal Feria pure ruby powerLoreal Feria mango intense copperLoreal Feria paprika powerLoreal Feria hot chilli redLoreal Feria iridescent blondeLoreal Feria iridescent pearl blondeLoreal Feria metallic silver blonde

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