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Garnier Hair Color Charts and Swatches

Below are all the Garnier hair color charts from our color swatch database. Click an a thumbnail to view more delails of any particular shade or click on the search button at the bottom of our page to search our entire hair color database

Garnier Nutrisse nourishing foam Hair Colors

Garnier Nutrisse nourishing foam blackGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam dark brownGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam deep redGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam iced mokaGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam iridescent mahoganyGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam medium brownGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam medium golden brownGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam frosted brownGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam light brownGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam dark blondeGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam honey blondeGarnier Nutrisse nourishing foam light blonde

Garnier Belle color Hair Colors

Garnier Belle color blackGarnier Belle color intense dark brownGarnier Belle color natural light auburnGarnier Belle color macadamia brownGarnier Belle color ebony brownGarnier Belle color dark brownGarnier Belle color maple brownGarnier Belle color natural golden brownGarnier Belle color deep auburnGarnier Belle color light toffee brownGarnier Belle color natural brownGarnier Belle color light brownGarnier Belle color natural dark ash blondeGarnier Belle color champagne blondeGarnier Belle color natural dark blondeGarnier Belle color medium blondeGarnier Belle color medium ash blondeGarnier Belle color shimmering blondeGarnier Belle color pearl blondeGarnier Belle color light ash blondeGarnier Belle color golden blondeGarnier Belle color light honey blondeGarnier Belle color light baby blondeGarnier Belle color ivory blondeGarnier Belle color natural medium golden blondeGarnier Belle color light blondeGarnier Belle color extra light natural blondeGarnier Belle color extra light ash blonde

Garnier Herbashine Hair Colors

Garnier Herbashine dark frosted brownGarnier Herbashine dark brownGarnier Herbashine mahoganyGarnier Herbashine darkest brownGarnier Herbashine dark golden mahogany brownGarnier Herbashine brown blackGarnier Herbashine blue blackGarnier Herbashine golden light brownGarnier Herbashine plumGarnier Herbashine dark golden brownGarnier Herbashine red mahoganyGarnier Herbashine medium brownGarnier Herbashine golden mahogany brownGarnier Herbashine golden medium brownGarnier Herbashine light brownGarnier Herbashine dark blondeGarnier Herbashine blonde

Garnier Olia Hair Colors

Garnier Olia deep blackGarnier Olia brownGarnier Olia deep violetGarnier Olia frosty chestnutGarnier Olia soft blackGarnier Olia blackGarnier Olia deep redGarnier Olia golden brownGarnier Olia iced chocolateGarnier Olia dark brownGarnier Olia light brownGarnier Olia intense redGarnier Olia mahogany brownGarnier Olia golden light brownGarnier Olia dark blondeGarnier Olia beige dark blondeGarnier Olia golden ashy blondeGarnier Olia golden light blondeGarnier Olia blondeGarnier Olia very light blondeGarnier Olia light blonde

Garnier Nutrisse creme Hair Colors

Garnier Nutrisse creme liquorice blackGarnier Nutrisse creme deep blue blackGarnier Nutrisse creme crimson promiseGarnier Nutrisse creme chestnut auburnGarnier Nutrisse creme blackcurrent deep burgandyGarnier Nutrisse creme chocolate medium dark brownGarnier Nutrisse creme mahogany dark brownGarnier Nutrisse creme light mahogany chestnutGarnier Nutrisse creme ebony darkest brownGarnier Nutrisse creme watermelon redGarnier Nutrisse creme macademia golden brownGarnier Nutrisse creme cocoa dark brownGarnier Nutrisse creme cashew nut rich auburnGarnier Nutrisse creme coffee light medium brownGarnier Nutrisse creme mocha brownGarnier Nutrisse creme dark golden brownGarnier Nutrisse creme sandalwood light brownGarnier Nutrisse creme cherry deep redGarnier Nutrisse creme caramel golden light brownGarnier Nutrisse creme almond dark blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme vanilla blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme praline dark golden blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme dark golden ash blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme ash beige blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme natural blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme aphrodite light blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme champagne ash blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme pineapple light golden blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme light ash beige blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme light baby blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme lychee light ash blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme extra light brilliant blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme dune light beige blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme camomile extra light blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme light beige blondeGarnier Nutrisse creme truly blonde

Garnier Nutrisse ultra color Hair Colors

Garnier Nutrisse ultra color frosted chestnutGarnier Nutrisse ultra color espressoGarnier Nutrisse ultra color vibrant redGarnier Nutrisse ultra color iced coffeeGarnier Nutrisse ultra color fiery redGarnier Nutrisse ultra color ultra pure blondeGarnier Nutrisse ultra color ice blonde

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